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Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking works by receiving signals from a group of satellites in earth orbit. Using signals from these satellites, the GPS tracking receivers are able to calculate and track precise location, speed, and time information of it's device. GPS receivers generally uses signals from 3 or more satellites to trace and pinpoint the current location accurately within 15 meters.

Mobile GPS Tracking | GPS Tracker

GPS tracking works accurately in all weather conditions, anywhere, any time. GPS signals may get weak or get completely blocked in some areas such as dense forest, indoor spaces, etc. Use of GPS signals is totally free, there are no subscription charges to be paid.

To use our free online Mobile Tracker, to trace mobile number basic details, click here: Mobile Tracker. These days most mobile phones has inbuilt GPS receiver. GPS tracking technology enables us to track mobile phone device locations in real time. With the help of mobile GPS tracking and Google Map service we can easily get driving directions from navigate in real time with ease and accuracy. Using mobile GPS tracking and Google Map service we can also track our friends and family members locations in real time. It also helps us to locate restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and other nearby points of interest.

This version of mobile tracker does not have Mobile GPS Tracking service yet. We will be developing our own Mobile GPS Tracking Android App and corresponding Mobile GPS Tracking Web Service in near future and update this page accordingly. In the meantime please review the list of free and paid Mobile GPS Tracking Apps below, which you can install on your Android based mobile phones through Google Play Store. For free GPS Tracking apps, click here: GPS Phone Trackers (free). For paid GPS Tracking apps, click here: GPS Phone Trackers (paid).